Tejashree Pradhan will soon return to the small screen and say “I’ll be back…

Tejashree Pradhan will return to the small screen soon, said “I’m back”

Tejashree Pradhan will soon return to the small screen.

Actress Tejashree Pradhan is always in the news due to her beautiful smile and easy acting. The name of Marathi actress Tejashree Pradhan came to Maharashtra households due to the series ‘Honar Soon Mein Ya Gharchi’. Even today, the series is not forgotten by the audience. After that, Tejashree Pradhan played a major role in the ‘Aggambai Sasubai’ series. Her role was also well received. Tejashree Pradhan will soon return to the small screen. She revealed this in a recent interview.

‘Aggambai Sasubai’ as one of the popular series on the small screen. This series is known. The series had made a home for itself in the minds of viewers in a short period of time. Shubhra in this series had won the hearts of the audience. The role of Shubhra in this series was played by actress Tejashree Pradhan. Tejashree Pradhan is very active on social media. In a recent interview with E-Times, Tejashree commented on her return to the series. “I’m waiting for the right script and role to return to the Marathi series, meaning the small screen,” she said.

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“I’m really looking forward to getting back on TV. I have a feeling that the public and my fans are also looking forward to getting back on TV. But I’m hoping for the best right now. I’d love to have a strong, positive and inspiring role on the small screen now.” ”, he added.

“So far I haven’t put any limits on my choice of any role, but I would definitely like to take on a role that is strong, inspiring or socially transformative. I’ll get that role soon. So right now I’m just waiting for a particular character to return to the screen.” girl”. That’s what she said.

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“I’m also really looking forward to meeting the audience. I definitely won’t make them wait any longer. I’m going to surprise the fans soon,” Tejashree said.

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