“Suddenly 150 people came in and…”, Sharad Ponkshe had said ‘I am Nathuram…

“Suddenly 150 people came in and…” Sharad Ponkshe had said, “I am Nathuram Godse.”

Sharad Ponkshe had made this revelation in an interview.

This was revealed by Sharad Ponkshe in an interview. (Photo Courtesy: Marathi Gaurav YouTube Channel)

Actor Sharad Ponkshe who won the hearts of the audience due to his excellent acting style in Marathi cinema. He always entertained the audience through many movies, dramas, and series. Sharad Ponkshe played sometimes serious and sometimes humorous roles. Sharad Ponkshe’s play ‘Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy’ was well received. During this work, he had to face many incidents. In an interview, he shared an incident from the same play.

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Sharad Ponkshe told Khupte Tithe Gupte about the play ‘Mi Nathuram Godse Boltoy’ and many incidents that happened to him. “It just came to our notice then. The experiment was at 9:30 p.m. and people had come from far and wide. As there was not much drama in the area, many of them came with their wives and children. The play ends in about two hours It finished at. Because when the play started, about 150 people started experimenting and a big demonstration started. The Radha that started in the night continued until dawn and suddenly these people started to sabotage. But not a single The spectator left the auditorium. All the time we were fighting those troublemakers with the support of the audience. Finally, at half past four in the morning, the atmosphere cleared and the experiment started smoothly. He is very grateful that the audience never turned his back on the play despite all the controversy surrounding the play,” said Sharad Ponkshe.

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Sharad Ponkshe’s play ‘Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy’ was very popular. The play received as much response from the audience as from the opposition. Many marches and demonstrations expected this and the spectators themselves had to go to the play thinking. However, the public always responded to the work. As a result, many of the experiments in this work had a permanent full board. This play was about the life journey of Nathuram Godse who assassinated Gandhiji. Due to the controversial nature of the work, the political parties of the time and many others opposed it.

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