Statement by Savita Malpekar on the Ketki Chitale case…

Currently, the Ketki Chitale Facebook post issue seems to be causing a stir in Maharashtra. Ketki Chitale wrote an offensive post on her Facebook page criticizing NCP senior leader Sharad Pawar. NCP leaders and activists have become aggressive after this incident. Following this, the Thane Police Criminal Section arrested Ketki Chitale at her residence in Kalamboli. Actress Savita Malpekar and Mansi Naik reacted angrily to the whole thing.

Speaking to TV9 about Ketki Chitale’s offensive post, Savita Malpekar said: “I am getting angry after reading and listening to your post. I am telling you as an artist and as the State Secretary General of the PNC cultural cell, I would like to tell you that if you say something like that and do not take back the words you have said and do not apologize to Pawar, then, wherever you are, you will find yourself at the feet of Pawar, not brought or Savita Malpekar by name. Remember this. “

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Apart from this, the actress Mansi Naik has also given her reaction on the matter. She said: “We are Marathi and it is really shameful for a Marathi man to talk like that about someone. I don’t like what he said and I have to think twice before thinking something like that about Sharad Pawar and what Ketki did is not right. Nobody should do that. That’s why anyone who does should be severely punished so that no one thinks while saying something like that again. It’s wrong to talk like that about elders.”

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Meanwhile, Ketki Chitale’s offensive post is currently heating up politics in Maharashtra. Many political leaders have reacted to this post with offensive language about Sharad Pawar. Along with political leaders, many users on social media have also criticized Ketki Chitale.

2022-05-16 09:54:45

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