…So Sai Tamhankar doesn’t like to wash her bra? Say while sharing the video…

…So Sai Tamhankar doesn’t like to wash her bra? Because sharing the video said

Sai Tamhankar has recently made a shocking revelation about her underwear.

Sai Tamhankar is known as a glamorous and bold actress in Marathi cinema. Sai is a popular actress in Marathi cinema. Sai started her career as an actress playing small roles in the series. Sai is currently one of the main heroines. Sai recently won the Best Supporting Actress award at the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards. SAI, which is news for this award, is currently news for a video.

In recent years, many actors including Bollywood have been seen expressing their views on various topics. Recently, Sai Tamhankar has made a shocking revelation about her underwear. He shared his opinion about it by sharing a video about it.

Sai Tamhankar Rowala Manacha Tura at Marathi Cineworld, Award for Best Supporting Actress in ‘IIFA’

Sai Tamhankar’s girlfriend, Malini Agarwal, recently shared a video. This video is an Instagram reel. ‘Why don’t you wash your favorite bra?’ Such a question has been asked through this video. Sai and her friend are seen lip-syncing in dialogue. To this question, Sai replies: “I feel good, it’s a lot of fun.” This video of Sai is going very viral on social media.

Meanwhile, Sai Tamhankar has carved his name into this year’s IIFA award. She won the Best Supporting Actress award for the movie ‘Mimi’ at the IIFA Awards held in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Because of this, the respect of all Marathi performers as well as the public has risen proudly.

“I sat in the cylinder and shot that Home Minister episode,” said Aadesh Bandekar.

The movie ‘Mimi’ tells the story of a surrogate mother. Actress Kriti Senon has played the lead role in this film. She is asked to become a surrogate mother for a foreign couple’s baby. She will be given Rs 20 lakh for this. However, after a few months, the couple tells them that they don’t want the baby. However, Kriti is not ready for an abortion, the story depends on what happens next.

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