“So I used marijuana,” Aryan Khan told NCB.

“So I used marijuana,” Aryan Khan told NCB.

NCB clean note to Aryan Khan in drug case

NCB clean note to Aryan Khan in drug case

The son of famous actor Shahrukh Khan, Aryan Khan, has been given the go-ahead by the NCB in the Mumbai Cruise Drugs case. NCB has not filed charges against six people, including Aryan Khan. The NCB has so far filed a 10-volume, 6,000-page charge sheet in the case. According to the NCB, no drugs were found in the possession of Aryan Khan and Mehak. But Aryan admitted during questioning that he used marijuana while studying in the United States.

The NCB indictment now states that “in 2018, while studying in the United States, I was using marijuana. Aryan had said that she had used marijuana because she had a sleep disorder. She further added that she had read in some articles on the internet that marijuana is helpful for sleep disorders. The NCB said: “Aryan Khan admitted in another statement that he had made the WhatsApp drug chat found on his phone.”

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What exactly happened in the case of Aryan Khan?

NCB has also provided information about the incident in this case and has given a clean note to 6 people including Aryan Khan as they have not received any evidence. Thus, on October 2, 2021, the OCN arrested Aryan, Arbaaz, Ishmat and Gomit at the International Port Terminal. Nupur, Mohak, and Moonmoon were captured on a Cordilla cruiser. Drugs were found in all of them except Aryan and Mohak.

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The case was initially investigated by the Mumbai NCB. Later on November 6, 2021, the case was transferred from Mumbai NCB to the NCB Special Investigation Team. The SIT investigated 14 defendants. Due to insufficient evidence against 6 people in the investigation, their names were removed from the charge sheet.

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