Singer Neha Raj New Song Majua and Poonam Singh have danced Neha Raj Ne…

New Neha Raj Song: The famous singer Neha Raj of the Bhojpuri film industry is not dependent on any identity today. There is a long list of her fans on social media. The Bhojpuri audience eagerly awaits the songs of Neha Raj. At the same time, more than one Neha song is being released these days.

Those who make a splash on YouTube by joining the Millennium Club. Neha Raj is ready to rock social media once again with her new song “Majnua”. At the same time, she has been released on the official Worldwide Records YouTube channel.

Who is the actress in Majnua?
This song has been staged on actress Poonam Singh. Whose daring style has started to be discussed as soon as she entered the industry. As she talks about Poonam’s look in the song, the actress is wearing a pink ruffle lehenga in which she looks very beautiful. Apart from this, the special location of the luxurious Rajasthan palace has made this song even more special. At the same time, Rajasthani dancers have also been used extensively in this song, thus the song has been added to the limelight. On the other hand, Poonam is winning everyone’s hearts with her dancing in the voice of Neha Raj.

What are the lyrics of the song after all?
Poonam says in the song that nikale hipiya chhar ke…both ankhiya mar ke…dilwa okaria aur bhage la…sakhiya re majnua hirua lagela…! Poonam has given amazing expression in this song which is well liked by the audience. Singer Neha Raj is also seen in the middle of the song and she is also doing some steps from the song. While the song has been shot by Direct Bhojpuria. In the same song, the background dancers also look very beautiful in their colorful dresses.

Who has directed the song?
Neha Raj is the singer of ‘Majnua’ brought to you by Worldwide Records. At the same time, the lyrics of this song have been written by Birbal Chandan. Its music is provided by Abhishek Chandan. The producer of the song is Ratnakar Kumar. Its director is Bhojpuri and the song is choreographed by Goldie Jaiswal, Bobby Jackson and edited by Pankaj Saw and DI Rohit.

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