“Sarsenapati Hambirrao Compares to Southern and Hindi Movies”

“Sarsenapati Hambirrao is compared to southern and Hindi films…”, statement by Praveen Tarde.

In it, he has commented on Southern and Hindi films.

Writer-director-actor Praveen Vitthal’s much talked about film Afternoon ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ was recently released in theaters. The movie ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ is very popular due to its strong dialogue and strong action. The story of Hambirrao Mohite, the only Commander-in-Chief of Swarajya who had the honor of being the Commander-in-Chief of Swarajya during the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj. The film is being acclaimed everywhere. Praveen Tarde has shared a video on the occasion of this film. In it, he has commented on Southern and Hindi movies.

This video of Praveen Tarde has been shared from the Instagram account of the movie ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’. Let’s watch this video of southern and Hindi movies at Mahasinema Theater in Maharashtra! Such a title is given.

What did Praveen Tarde say?

Hello Praveen Vitthal Afternoon, definitely share this video in each of your WhatsApp groups or friends. The film ‘Aap Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ has been screened all over the world. You’re always yelling why your movie isn’t a Southern duet or a Bollywood duet. Friends, Sarsenapati Hambirrao has become like this. The response has been overwhelming throughout Maharashtra. A record has been won in the first three days.

Friends, my only request through this video is to go to the cinema and see your film. It’s not fun to watch on TV or when a video is leaked. You should go to the cinema and watch your Marathi movie. Take your family with you. Tag me commenting after watching the movie. Also write a review on Book My Show and IMDb. This determines the price of the film internationally, says Praveen Tarde.

Sarsenapati Hambirrao Box Office Collection: In front of the Box Office collection of the movie ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’

Praveen Vitthal’s much talked about film Afternoon ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ has made a record collection in the first three days. The film has grossed 8.71 crores in its first three days. Many film critics, the public seems to appreciate this film. In this film, the character of Sarsenapati Hambirrao Mohite is played by Praveen Tarde himself. The film manages to earn money at the box office.

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