Salman had no money to buy clothes, so Sunil Shetty had helped him.

Salman had no money to buy clothes, so Sunil Shetty had helped him.

Salman revealed this in a recent interview.

Salman revealed this in a recent interview. (Photo credit: Indian Express)

Bollywood brother Salman Khan is one of the popular actors. Salman is one of the celebrities he helped. Although Salman Khan now earns crores of rupees, at one time he was very short of money. In a recent interview, Salman revealed how people in the film industry helped him when he had no money.

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In this interview, Salman talks about the early days of his career. “There was a time when he didn’t have that much money. He only had enough money to buy a shirt or jeans. Stonewashed jeans were the new fashion in those days. I was shopping at a popular store where I found Stone Wash denim jeans and a shirt. I only had enough money to buy jeans, so I didn’t buy a shirt. Sunil Shetty was with me in the store at the time, he realized that he didn’t have money to buy a shirt. So Sunil bought the shirt and gave it to me as a gift,” Salman said.

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Sunil Shetty’s son Aahan hugged Salman when he saw him talking about it. Salman further said: “Sunil saw that he had his eye on a wallet, but I didn’t buy it. After that Sunil took me to his house and gave me the same wallet.”

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During the same show, Salman said, “Some of the days after his acting debut weren’t very good. After ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ premiered, Bhagyashree decided not to make a movie and got married. I got all the credit for this one.” film and for the next 6 months I had no job.After this God sent Ramesh Taurani into my life.At that time my father paid 2000 rupees and asked the producer GP Sippy to tell a magazine that he hired me for his movie. After this fake news, Ramesh Taurani himself went to Sippy Saheb office and paid Rs 5 lakh for the movie music rights. It was for this Rs 5 lakh that I got the movie ‘Patthar Ke Phool’ “.

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Following this, Salman Khan also hugged producer Bonnie Kapoor. He then said, “Bonnie Jean has helped me my whole life. When my career was going through a difficult phase, Bonnie gave me the movie ‘Wanted’ which she brought back to me. Meanwhile, Salman joked, “After this, Bonnie gave me the ‘No Entry’ movie which let Anil Kapoor back in. Everyone at the event started laughing at Salman’s comments.”

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