Rinku Rajguru’s glamorous look, teaser of another new movie after ‘Zhund’…

The name ‘Archie’, meaning actress Rinku Rajguru, who made her Marathi art debut in director Nagraj Manjule’s film ‘Sairat’, is not new to anyone. Rinku Rajguru, who plays Archie, is always in the news. Rinku, who recently starred in the movie Swarm, will soon be seen again. The teaser for Rinku Rajguru’s new movie has just been released. This teaser has further aroused the audience’s curiosity about the film.

The teaser for the movie “Aathwa Rang Premacha” starring Rinku Rajguru and Vishal Anand has just been released. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The film will be released on June 17. Veteran actors Makrand Deshpande, Rinku Rajguru and Vishal Anand make their film debuts.

In the movie “Aathwa Rang Premacha”, the audience can see modern and fresh stories. The very name of the film says that there are eight colors of love. From the teaser for this movie, what are the first seven colors, what is the eighth color? You will find the answer in the movie. It features Rinku Rajguru’s glamorous looks and Vishal Anand’s energetic entry into the film industry.

Sameer Karnik from A Top Angle Productions has produced the movie “Aathwa Rang Premacha”. The film is produced by Ashish Bhalerao and Rakesh Raut Productions of Adinath Pictures. The film is directed by Khushboo Sinha. This is his first movie.

Sameer Karnik had made a huge impression on Bollywood as a director since his first film, Kyun Ho Gaya Na. After that Sameer Karnik produced and directed Yamla Pagla Deewana, Char Din Ki Chandni, Heroes and other great movies.

2022-05-23 09:06:05

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