Prajakta Mali Special for Praveen Afternoon…

Prajakta Mali Special Post for “Praveen Afternoon”

Prajakta Mali’s post has gone viral on social media.

Prajakta Mali’s post has gone viral on social media.

Prajakta Mali is one of the most talked about actresses in Marathi cinema. Prajakta started her career on the small screen and today she has carved out a niche for herself in the art world. She is very active on social media. She is often seen sharing photos with her family. Meanwhile, Prajakta has now shared a photo with her grandparents about her special plan.

Prajakta shared these photos from his Instagram account. In this photo it is seen that Prajakta went to the theater to see the film of her grandparents Sarsenapati Hambirrao. Along with this, Prajakta has shared a photo of her with Praveen Tarden at the Maharashtra Comedy Fair. By sharing these photos, Prajakta has praised Praveen Tarde and the entire ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ team.

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Sharing this photo “A day with the grandparents.. and we saw ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’. Words will not be enough to appreciate it, it has become an incredible movie. Pravin Dada, you are heavy, cut the subject. In 2.30 hours you talk about two maharajas, their commander in chief, internal politics, Swarajya; The cunning with which you show it is unmatched. Your sweet, sensible and far-sighted man took to writing… and taught us a lot. Thank you so much for that. # Only Love Mahesh Limaye Strict performance as usual Gashmir Mahajani and Shruti Marathe’s campaign was successful This movie is a must see for all Marathi men (I will watch it again at least twice..) Grandfathers are very happy…”, he captioned.

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Meanwhile, Prajakta Mali is currently in the spotlight due to its web series ‘Ranbazar’. Due to the bold scenes in this, Prajakta was talked about from the teaser.

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