Pawan Singh and Dimple Singh Viral Video Bhojpuri Stars Harassed by Fans

Pawan Singh and Dimple Singh viral video: Even today in Bhojpuri cinema, Bhojpuri stars are seen to be in awe of the audience. You must have often seen the madness of fans towards Bhojpuri stars in many videos. These Bhojpuri star fans go crazy to see their favorite star, and as soon as they get this opportunity, they don’t let it pass.

Look, once again we got to see a similar scene where Razia turned Dimple Singh was saved by Pawan Singh from the crowd of fans. Caught in the crowd, Dimple is seen yelling at people. But during this, Pawan Singh, holding Dimple Singh’s hand, moves forward as he makes his way through the crowd.

This video of Pawan Singh and Dimple Singh is going viral on social media where fans have gone crazy seeing Pawan Singh and Dimple Singh together. This video of Pawan Singh and Dimple Singh is from an event where both stars had come to perform. In this video, you can see the crowd of crazy fans of Pawan Singh and Dimple Singh.

In the viral video, Dimple Singh is seen turning red with anger, while Pawan Singh is seen touching her. Even during this, hers Pawan Singh has been seen waving her hand towards her audience without angering them. The couple of Pawan Singh and Dimple Singh are very present on the screen. The chemistry of both is very liked by the audience.

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