“Now Marathi movies also look as great as southern movies,” the famous singer…

“Now Marathi movies also look as great as Southern movies,” ‘she’ of the famous singer in a later discussion

Likewise, the film ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ has been especially valued.

Writer-director-actor Praveen Vitthal’s highly talked about film Tarde ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ recently opened in theaters. The movie ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ is very popular due to its strong dialogue and strong action. The story of Hambirrao Mohite, the only Commander-in-Chief of Swarajya who had the honor of being the Commander-in-Chief of Swarajya during the time of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj. Everyone is appreciating this movie. Recently, the famous singer, writer and musician Dr. Salil Kulkarni has shared a post on the occasion.

Dr. Salil Kulkarni is always active on social media. Salil Kulkarni recently shared some photos with Praveen Tarden. As he captioned these photos, he patted Praveen Tarde on the back. Likewise, the film ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ has been especially valued.

“Sarsenapati Hambirrao is compared to southern and Hindi films…”, statement by Praveen Tarde.

Dr. Salil Kulkarni Message

“Praveen Vitthal Afternoon.. Congratulations three times..

It’s wonderful that every theater has had two great films with one director at the same time. Our friendship has lasted since 1998-1999. At that moment it is not 100 but 200%.

Writing, directing, acting, dubbing, recording, conversing, friendship… Competent in living everywhere… From Grace’s poetry… to cricket and cinema is his encouragement… due to his devotion in the stage… your first question during the casting… have you done theater

The virtue of climbing every rung of success with your friends is equally great. Seeing “Dharmaveer” greeted the director in it.. and seeing “Sarsenapati Hambirrao” as a friend.. as a Marathi artist filled my heart with pride..

Now Marathi movies also look as great as South Indian movies.

Praveen.. Dude.. I am so proud of your journey.. All your friends know that you have come this far by working hard at every stage.. When you are behind new people, you see the days of your struggle in them.. This also feel your artist A big hug to Vandan and Mitra…!!”, Salil Kulkarni has made this post.

“That’s why you’ve been acting crazy ever since you became a father,” Meenakshi Rathore’s post to her husband.

Meanwhile, this Salil Kulkarni post is currently being discussed. Praveen Vitthal’s much talked about film Afternoon ‘Sarsenapati Hambirrao’ had a record collection in the first three days. The film has grossed 8.71 crores in its first three days. Many film critics, the public seems to appreciate this film. In this film, the character of Sarsenapati Hambirrao Mohite is played by Praveen Tarde himself.

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