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Na Tay Rang: A colorful spectacle of democracy

Shahir Sable performed a number of freestyle plays on social and political issues of the time, such as ‘Andhalam Dalatanya’ and ‘Kashi Kay Waat Chuklat’.

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Shahir Sable performed a number of freestyle plays on social and political issues of the time, such as ‘Andhalam Dalatanya’ and ‘Kashi Kay Waat Chuklat’. Santosh Pawar, one of his best disciples in his ‘Maharashtrachi Lokdhara’, carried on his folk art legacy in a real sense. Many of Santosh Pawar’s works flourished under the auspices of folk art and popular music. In fact, it is a fact that his works hit theaters on the worst days of theater. Abundant in number and minimal guarantee of business is the specialty of his works. That’s why so many people have come and gone, but for the last 25 years they’ve stood their ground on the stage. He is the writer and director; But he kept doing dramas, leaving the most talented actor (actually Songadya!) behind for a while. They are aware of your limitations; Also your strengths! That’s why most of the time they never got up or even got drunk.

His new play ‘Haus Majhi Purva’, which has just hit theaters, is a Ranjana veil play on the current political situation. The defenders of democracy in a state where Santu and Anshu dream of dragging their friend Raja from the throne and sitting on the throne themselves. But for that, the king must be removed from the throne. But how to do it?

Shaklu suggests Anshu establish a dance bar in the state using Santu Dokaliti. He wanted to persuade Raja to get permission from the dance bar and keep his beloved Sonu as Barbala in the dance bar. After that, the king’s dance bar’s decision was to poison people’s minds and provoke them… that’s all! Then your work is done!

But the king is not about to allow any pole dancing. It is then obtained by mixing Ranisaheb. However, the king issued a fatwa stating that only sattvic songs could be performed at the dance bar. In the dance bar and sattvic songs? What’s happening? But Santu-Anshu gets the idea that the king can turn into an owl. However, Raja himself comes out to inspect the dance bar and binge on this duo comes out. His plan fails.

But if they remain silent, what about Anshu-Santu? This dukkal then comes up with various tricks to get the king to Gota. But in vain! Although Raja Varpangi seems naive and naive, he knows the actions of these two very well. So each time, he would tie the noose around his neck. In the end, both force the king to make a decision that generates discontent in the religion. But King Sheras leaves Savvasher. He arranges for a fatwa to be issued against him. However, the king who is a bastard in writing he is really smart. He counters every move of the duo. At last they bow to the king. His intentions to become the ruler of the state are shattered.

Writer and director Santosh Pawar has satirically presented the spectacle of democracy that is going on around him today at ‘Haus Mazhi Purwa’. He has presented it in the form of Muktanatya without going through the typical Vaganatya. Giving you a taste of popular songs is the left hand lee of him. In Adhem, he has played the game of making Mallinathi politics, laughing, laughing. Anshuman Vicare, who has a good sense of humor, has taken this drama with him. Another characteristic of Santosh Pawar is his amazing ability to present faceless actors in various roles. In fact, this group of actors (who don’t have a soft face) don’t fit the audience’s definition of ‘entertainers’. But the peculiarity of Santosh Pawar is that he gets rid of such acts. Overcoming their physical deficiencies, these actors create garudas that conquer the hearts of the public. To date, no director has come to this. In the field of entertainment, an army of actors that emerged from the works of Santosh Pawar is currently occupying the small screen and the theater.

In ‘Haus Mazhi Purwa’, Santosh Pawar has put smoke on all fronts. As a writer, director, actor and set designer, he has made a name for himself. The story of the play is conceived by Ajay Vicare. The spectacle of democracy that we are currently seeing and experiencing at the central and state levels is covered in this work. The declining level of politics, the politicians who manipulate the monkeys, the ruthless tactic to make the opposition run away with the EDFID, to try to deceive the masses on the basis of insane religiosity and so-called nationalism. The convenient misuse of ruling cards is a current reality. . Santosh Pawar makes sarcastic comments about all this while he goes to the construction site. The only problem is that the public takes it lightly. In fact, the meaning of it should reach them; But that is not all. Is this happening because Santosh Pawar’s own point of view is colorful? It will be the same. In any case.

The technical side of the work is real.

Santosh Pawar, in the role of Santu, introduces the key themes from time to time and keeps the play moving and talking. Anshuman Vicare (Anshu) has also helped him in this. Amol Suryavanshi, who became a king, expresses what he wants to do without taking any pose, as the saying goes, ‘Vesh bavala, pari angi nana kala’. The queen of Prapti Bane is not short on jumps. Harshda Bamne has played Santu’s lover Sonu. There is no problem in seeing this play to satisfy the desire to pass the time and have lunch.

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