Mika Singh’s statement after the assassination of Sidhu Musewala…

Statement by Mika Singh after the assassination of Sidhu Musewala

The famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala was assassinated. Mika Singh has reacted to this.

Singer Mika Singh has also written a post sharing a photo with Sidhu.

The news of the murder of the famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala has shocked everyone. On May 29, the 28-year-old singer was killed by assailants who fired 30 rounds. Sidhu Musewala was pronounced dead at hospital. Many artists including Shahnaz Gill, Munawwar Farooqi, Asim Riaz have expressed their grief by sharing posts on social media. Now, singer Mika Singh has also written a post sharing a photo with Sidhu.

Mika Singh shared a photo with Sidhu on his Instagram. Mika and Sidhu are seen sitting at the dining room table at a party. Captioning the photo, Mika Singh wrote: “I always say I’m proud to be a Punjabi. But today I’m ashamed to say it. A 28 year old boy who was so famous whose future was so good. But he was killed by Punjabis in Punjab May God give peace to his soul. I share the pain of his family. I urge the Punjab government to take severe action against the culprits.”

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Also, Mika Singh has shared a video with Sidhu Musewala. In the video’s caption, he wrote, “I miss you so much bro. You left too early. You will always be remembered for your work, songs, fame and hits. Your fans will always remember your hit line #Dildanimadasidhumussewala. God bless you.” peace to your soul. Satnam Waheguru.”

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Meanwhile, Punjab singer Sidhu Musewala was shot dead on Sunday. Musewala was shot dead near the town of Jawahar in Mansa. After the incident, Musewala was rushed to a hospital in Mansa in critical condition. He died during treatment there. Two other people who were with Musewala were injured in the incident. Sidhu Musewala was killed on the second day after the state government withdrew security from him.

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