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The National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is relaunching its renowned Marathi Drama Festival ‘Pratibimb – A Platform for Marathi Stories’. After a long break of 4 years, Pratibib returns to the stage with its 9th edition starting today. The 3-day festival will feature performances by some of the eminent personalities in the Marathi theater community.

This festival will start on May 20, 2022 with the Marathi play ‘Adhyat Mi Sadhyat Tu Madhyat Ma Kuni Nahi’. The play is a postmodern idea of ​​an existential crisis, where two young people try to find meaning in their lives. The play takes you through various aspects such as mythology, pain and chaos.

On the second day of the festival i.e. May 21, 2022, the comedy and critical work of renowned Marathi writer and comedian Purushottam Laxman Deshpande (Pu. L. Deshpande) will be presented at this festival. Called ‘Unknown Boys’, the show is based on his lesser known artworks like ‘Khogir Bharti’, ‘Aghal Paghal’, ‘Haswanak’, ‘Gathodam’, ‘Urlansuralam’. In addition, some of his poems will also be presented as musical compositions. On the same day, there will be another thought-provoking comedy called ‘Kavale of Mumbai’ directed by Priyadarshan Jadhav, which was written by Shafat Khan 40 years ago but is a satirical portrayal of the current situation. The play stars Anil Baburao Shinde, Hrishikesh Shelar, Santosh Sarvade, Vikrant Kolpe, Sushant Kumbhar and Prashant Palate.

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On the last day of the festival, the public will be able to see the performance of ‘Theater Katta’, where three veterans of the Marathi theater – Satish Alekar, Chandrakant Kale and Vijay Kenkare – will meet and discuss their hobbies, processes, works and everything related to the theater. The play ‘Sangeet Devbabhali’ will spiritually conclude the festival. The emotional musical journey of this work, which includes old and new abhangas of San Tukaram, will give the audience an experience of the spiritual world.

Speaking about the festival, Mr. Bruce Guthrie, NCPM Head of Theater and Film, said, “When I started at NCPA, Marathi theater and the contribution of Marathi theater to the growth of arts and culture in Maharashtra and India was central to our conversation with the theater community. The concept of reflection was introduced as a way to identify and revive some of the great literary works. We are delighted to relaunch this festival at NCPM. Through Reflection we hope to open doors for this work. We want audiences to experience the vibrant tradition of Marathi theatre, known for its thought-provoking themes that bring new light to the world around us.”

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