Kon Honar Crorepati 6: “I will ask questions in Marathi,” Kajolan said as soon as she heard this…

Kon Honar Crorepati 6: “I will ask questions in Marathi”, something Kajolan did after hearing this

The ‘Who will become a millionaire’ promo has gone viral on social media.

The ‘Who will become a millionaire’ promo has gone viral on social media. (Photo credit: Sony Marathi Instagram)

‘Who Will Become A Millionaire’ is a popular program in homes. While watching this show, everyone thinks that if I was on the bench, I would have made this amount. Viewers have been waiting for this show for many days. So, 6 episodes of this show started from Monday, June 6. The show started with a special episode. This time, the famous duo of Miley Cyrus was paired with actress Tanuja and actress Kajol. Many videos of the show’s promotions have gone viral on social media. Right now, Kajol is worried about having to speak Marathi on the show.

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Actor Sachin Khedekar, host of the viral video ‘Kon Honar Crorepati’, appears to be welcoming Tanuja and Kajol. “Let’s welcome Mileki Tanuja and Kajol, who have a beautiful dream of Indian cinema, with a round of applause,” Khedekar said. This is Sachin Khedekar speaking next, I’m going to ask a lot of questions in Marathi. “I’m not scared at all,” Kajol joked. On this, Sachin speaks ‘Hona’, Kajol repeatedly says that ‘she doesn’t care that I have to speak Marathi’. But in the end, he yells ‘mommy’ and hugs Tanuja. It will be difficult for Kajol to understand Sachin Khedekar’s question in Marathi and answer it. Kajol’s behavior makes one laugh on stage.

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The audience is eager to see Kajol and Tanuja, in addition to the famous writer, the social worker Sudha Murthy will also participate in the special Karmaveer episode of the festival. That’s why the sixth episode of this year’s ‘Who Will Be a Millionaire’ show will definitely be special. Previously, celebrities like Nana Patekar, Anand Shinde, Manoj Vajpayee, Medha Patkar, Sayaji Shinde, and Sonali Kulkarni had appeared in special episodes of Karmaveer.

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