Kannada Star Darshan Breaks Silence On Slipper Attack, Thanks Kiccha S…

Darshan breaks his silence on the sneaker attack: Kannada actor Darshan has broken his silence on the sneaker attack during a promotional event for his film ‘Kranti’. He thanked his fellow colleague Kichcha Sudeep and those “who stood up for justice at this time.” A slipper was thrown at Darshan on December 18 during a ‘Kranti’ song launch event in Hospet, Karnataka.

Darshan made a lengthy statement on Twitter on Wednesday, thanking his fans and friends in the Kannada film industry for showing their solidarity with him. He wrote: “I realize right now that my celebrities are suffering more than me. Such incidents do not make a person weak but strong. We have seen similar examples in our Kannada land. Thanks to all friends and actors in the industry Thank you to those who fought for justice at this time. Thank you also to those people who tried to take this incident the wrong way. I have been saying from the beginning that if there are 100 people who mess it up, we will have lakhs of celebrities Ghulam will forever be in your love’s debt.

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Kicha Sudeep had supported

Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep came out in support of Darshan and gave a lengthy statement on Twitter. Sudeep, who she was last seen in the pan-Indian film Vikrant Rona, strongly condemned the incident, calling it “very disturbing.”

A scoundrel, who was allegedly a fan of Puneeth Rajkumar, threw slippers at Darshan while the actor was addressing his fans at Hospet. While the real reason for the alleged fan’s protest is still unknown, Darshan’s recent comments about the “goddess of fate” during an interview have angered many people.

gave a controversial statement

Darshan often makes headlines for his controversial statements. Recently in an interview with an entertainment portal, the actor had said: “The goddess of fortune does not always knock on the door. When he calls, grab him, drag him to your bedroom and strip him naked. If you give her clothes, she will come out.”

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