Juicy cut of rural life: “Panchayat-2”

Juicy cut of rural life: “Panchayat-2”

Find out how the ‘Panchayat-2’ team tried to keep the dawn of entertainment fresh.

Find out how the ‘Panchayat-2’ team tried to keep the dawn of entertainment fresh.

The problems of geography, availability of facilities and lack of resources will be different for the urban, semi-urban and rural population. But the relationship between people, their anger, greed, happiness and sadness, competition, politics, love is the same everywhere. However, the ways these emotions are expressed can vary from person to person. The life of people in the village today is not as good as Karan Johar’s movies, and not as pathetic as it appears in art films.

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In the second season of the “Panchayat” web series, we get a glimpse into the life of a villager named Phulera in Uttar Pradesh. The people in it, their questions, their behavior and speech are just like the lives of people in real town today. So the eight episodes of this series came to our minds. This was all originally in the first season of the Panchayat, so there were fears that the series would be repeated in the second season, but luckily the Panchayat-2 team has managed to keep the dawn of entertainment fresh.

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The humor in Panchayat-2 is relevant. There is no such thing as a verbal or physical joke or laugh track that will make you laugh out loud. The simplicity of the occasion and its presentation is the soul of this webseries. Problems are everywhere, just like in the village of Phulera. But in Panchayat-2 we see simple incidents of happiness and sadness in the simple life of the village and they make a kind of fuss over us. The series lightheartedly presents the behavior and thinking of various characters against the background of such themes as friendship, enmity, misunderstanding, Hagandari Mukti, drug addiction, the way of the village, local politics.

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This series smells of authentic Indian people. It is a town where the government’s plan to eradicate Hagandari has arrived but not to the toilets, where the person carrying the detoxification message gets intoxicated, where the mobile phone, the internet, closed circuit television has arrived and this technology is being used to find lost goats and slippers.

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Jitendra Kumar (Panchayat Secretary Abhishek Tripathi), who rose to fame from the TVF web series ‘Kota Factory’, has amazing understanding and range of acting. Jitendra Kumar is nowhere to be seen opposite tough actors like Nina Gupta and Raghubir Yadav. Although Raghubir Yadav and Nina Gupta’s characterization is a bit loud, their volume doesn’t bother them at all. Durgesh Kumar’s performance in the role of Bhushan is also very easy and natural. Faizal Malik, who plays the role of Assistant Sarpanch and Prahlad in the Panchayat Office, played by Chandan Roy, has brought their characters to life. Faizal literally cried in the last episode.

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Director Deepak Kumar Mishra should get top marks for directing. All the actors in big and small roles, casting director, cameraman, background music, all have done their job well. In general, the writing of this series and ‘You are also dancing somehow’. Crisp dialogue like “Everybody’s been dancing somewhere” or “Culture is eating and drinking before the power goes out” keep you hooked on the series. The smooth handling of the implied relationship between Abhishek and Rinki (Sanvika) adds value to the series.

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As a result, this second season of ‘Panchayat’ is one step ahead of the first season. An essential series to watch as a family.

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