“I’m lucky to have a character like Shevanta…”, famous actress…

Actress Radha Sagar, who has played the role of a villain in the series ‘Aye Kuthe Kay Karte’ and ‘Sundara Manamdhe Bharli’, is always active on social media. Radha is always seen sharing the various photos and videos of her. The movie ‘Chandramukhi’ directed by Prasad Oak has been released. In this film, Radha has played the role of Shevanta, the girlfriend of actress Amrita Khanwilkar. Radha recently shared a post on Instagram. In it, she has praised the actors of the film.

Radha Sagar is always active on Instagram. She has shared a post about the movie Chandramukhi. In it she has shared a photo with Amrita. She also praised the entire film crew.

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I understand my luck to have to do a character like “Shevanta”, what can I say about “Amrita”? She is very good as an actress and also as a person, she used to mingle with everyone on set. So I can say that I met a very good friend in the form of “Chandra” on that occasion. “Amrita” is what you see in this movie, very amazing. This story, the character of Chandra, the character of “Adinath”, everyone’s acting, the casting, how everything was perfect. And our oven came together nicely.

I think everyone’s costume credit goes to “Manju Tai”. Veteran musicians like “Ajay Atul” and a strong OTT platform like Planet Marathi were its pillars. And I think “Prasadda” is really a very talented actor and director who is very sensitive and aware of the natural way of removing work from the front. Good luck to everyone for making the movie a huge box office success. Amu, it was great working with you.” This post has been shared by Radha Sagar.

Meanwhile, ‘Chandramukhi’ is based on the novel ‘Chandramukhi’ by writer Vishwas Patil. The film had grossed Rs 1.21 crore on its opening day at the box office. The film has received a great response from the public. This film became a major film in the success of the Marathi film. The film was a worldwide success.

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