“I’m Always With The Producers”, “Mana Udu Udu Zhalam”

Hruta Durgule’s explanation on the discussions to leave the “Man Udu Udu Zhalam” series

Hrithik has recently given an explanation on this.

The ‘Man Udu Udu Zhalam’ series is considered to be a popular series on the small screen. The series is currently gaining popularity. The ‘Man Udu Udu Zhalam’ series is currently at the peak of its popularity. The peculiar love story of Indra and Dipu in this series seems to be liked by the audience. But there is bad news for viewers of this series. Actress Hruta Durgule, who plays the role of Dipu in the series, was rumored to have done well in the series. Hrithik has recently given an explanation on this.

Hruta Durgule also got married a few days ago. After this, there was a lot of talk about her leaving the series. Hruta Durgule recently gave an interview to the Hindustan Times. In this interview, he explained these discussions. “Since I started working on this series, there have been a lot of discussions. I still don’t understand the reason behind it. But there is no such thing.”

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I was officially on vacation for my wedding. “After 15 days of marriage, I will start filming again from next Monday,” she said.

There were also rumors that you were upset about the unsanitary conditions on the set of the series. In response to that, he said, “I’ve always had a good relationship with the producers. We had no storyline. Every show or ensemble has its share of common problems, but we came together to find solutions. So no incident has occurred.” so serious. If that was the case, I would have said it in front of you or posted it on social media.”

Hrita Durgule’s departure from ‘Man Udu Udu Zhalam’ series, decision made due to ‘this’ reason

“My co-star had filmed an ad with another actress. After that, there was a discussion about whether she would be the new Dipu. The public believes what they read. In those moments, everything is difficult. What is the truth for everyone? That is what he asks. I have received numerous messages on social media. People who meet me backstage during the play also ask me about it. But I believe that my work will answer these questions. I am still working on the series. What could be a different explanation than this, he said.

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