“If you announce Gutkha…” Akshay turned into a troll once more due to the strange look…

“If you announce Gutkha…” Akshay Kumar turned into a troll again due to his strange look.

Actor Akshay Kumar is back in the spotlight with his new look. He has been trolled once again for Gutkha ads.

Actor Akshay Kumar is back in the spotlight with his new look. He has been trolled once again for Gutkha ads.

The name of the actor Akshay Kumar is mentioned in the list of the best Bollywood actors. His specialty is making big budget movies. But at the same time renewable advertising does the same thing. Interim Akshay was in trouble due to an advertisement. Khiladi Kumar appeared in a new Vimal Pan Masala advertisement with Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan. Akshay was trolled for it. Now, once again, he is being trolled on social media on this issue.

A photo of Akshay looking strange is quickly going viral on social media. In this photo, Akshay is sitting with his kurta torn, his clothes in tatters, his hair disheveled, and a cup of tea in his hand. Seeing this photo of him, netizens started trolling Akshay. If he announces Gutkha, he won’t get the taste of the people, he has said the word Juban Kesari more often. The trollers have started making such varied comments.

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But this new look is from Akshay’s upcoming movie. He is currently busy filming a movie. His new look on the set of the same movie is going viral on social media. After Shah Rukh, Akshay is also promoting Gutkha so he has to deal with trolling.

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Akshay, who used to say no to smoking, is no longer liked by his fans. Akshay also apologized after the announcement. But his decision did not go down well with the fans. Akshay is currently in the news for his upcoming movie ‘Prithviraj’. Even before its release, the film was mired in controversy. But the public eagerly awaits the release of ‘Prithviraj’ at the box office.

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