“I want to do something constantly…”, in actress Prajakta Mali’s post-‘she’

For the past few days, the web series ‘Ranbazar’ has been receiving a good discussion in Marathi cinema. A few days ago the teaser of this webseries was published. This web series, based on the context of real events, will present something never seen before. Actress Prajakta Mali and Tejaswini Pandit are seen in the lead roles of this web series.

Ranbazar is a very bold incarnation of Prajakta in this web series. Because of this, Prajakta has to deal with trolling. Many have criticized her for this. She is being trolled for her bold scenes in this web series. However, Prajakta has recently commented on this.

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Prajakta shared a post on Instagram while sharing the sneak peek of this web series. In it, he said, “Every artist wants to shine in different roles in their career, play different characters in society, do something new constantly. I’m no exception to that. Smita Patil grew up watching Ranjana since she was little (I’m definitely not that big like her)”.

“But this effort was inspired by your career and believing in your parents and the audience. Thanks to Abhijit Panse and Planet Marathi, Akshay Bardapurkar for making me the biggest web series in Marathi.

The trailer for the much talked about web series ‘Ranbazar’ will be released this day!

“The trailer arrives on the 18th, the series arrives on the 20th… #Ranbazar. As much as they have loved me and my work until now, who supported me; This is expected to be given to the web series. Sincerely, Prajakta Prajakta Mali said.

Prajakta Mali shared a teaser post on Instagram. Many have commented on her post. Her post is currently being discussed and is going viral.

Directed by Abhijit Panse, this great web series is a political crime thriller produced by Akshay Bardapurkar, Planet Marathi, Ravana Future Productions and Abhijit Panse, Anita Palande. On May 20, ‘Ranbazar’ ‘Planet Marathi OTT’ web series will be launched.

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