“I sat in the cylinder and shot that episode of Home Minister,” said Aadesh Bandekar…

“I sat in the cylinder and shot that Home Minister episode,” said Aadesh Bandekar.

In this interview, he told many stories that happened in 18 years.

Home Minister is a popular program for all women in Maharashtra. For more than 18 years, all daughters-in-law have been congratulated and honored through this program. The new episode of Home Minister in Zee Marathi is currently being discussed everywhere. The winner of this new coaster will receive a gift of Rs 11 lakh. The popularity of this program and Aadesh Bandekar is immense. Recently, Adesh Bandekar gave an interview to a medium. In this interview, she told many stories that happened in 18 years.

He recently gave an interview to BBC Marathi on the occasion of this program. This time, she said, when the show started, it only had 13 episodes. However, its format was so popular among the audience that today it has been transformed to such an extent. In it she has shared the anecdotes of the last 18 years with the Minister of the Interior.

“I will not pay that 11 lakh paithani,” Aadesh Bandekar told the trolls.

Thanks to the Minister of the Interior, I felt like one of the family I was visiting. We have never discriminated in any family to this day. We once went to a very small house for an episode. There wasn’t even a single chair to sit on. At that time I sat on the gas cylinder and filmed that episode. At that moment, Mauli had very kindly brought me a sheet from home so that I could sit down and at that moment I had had enough of it.

Until now, I have been unknowingly connected with many families. At that time, everyone thought that I was a member of the house. It is my good fortune that this family is considered a member of your household. With the blessings of all these, this program has come this far.

“Why shouldn’t there be 11 lakh paithani in his closet?”

Meanwhile, for the past 18 years, the popular Home Office program has been entertaining audiences. The winner of the new episode of Home Minister will get Rs 11 lakh. They are discussing everywhere about this paithani that is studded with gold and diamonds. On this occasion, Aadesh Bandekar is seen walking around various cities in Maharashtra.

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