“I haven’t watched Marathi movies in recent years because…”, Ashok Saraf…

“I haven’t seen Marathi movies in recent years because,” said Ashok Saraf.

Ashok Saraf has recently made a shocking statement about Marathi cinema and movies.

Today is the 75th birthday of Ashok Saraf, a veteran actor in Marathi film and drama. Ashok Saraf has turned 75 years old this year. Fifty years have also passed since his film career. Ashok Saraf is known as an actor who makes the audience laugh out loud with his brilliant timing in comedic roles. Ashok Saraf has acted in many movies and dramas so far. Ashok Saraf has recently made a shocking statement about Marathi cinema and movies.

Ashok Saraf recently gave an interview to the Sakal newspaper website. In this interview, he was asked about the current Marathi movie. He said, “I haven’t seen a Marathi movie for the last few years. Marathi movies were famous for their narratives. But now the tone of the story is lost somewhere.”

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“Today there are hundreds of scripts in a closet in my house. I haven’t even seen this script in many years. Because when I am verbally spoken to about a script, my mood changes. There is no breath in the story of this movie. another script falls into my closet. But I don’t know what to do,” he said.

“Right now, there are a lot of storytellers and directors in Cineworld. Not all of them are like that. But a lot of them are doing well. Those who just want to make Marathi movies to get grants. A director wants to make a movie in his own name. That’s why, Thukarat used to make a film about the history and thus the quality of Marathi cinema was degraded.As all this is happening, I haven’t hired a director for the last few years,” he added.

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“I work on the stories that I like and agree with. Today, Marathi movies really need good writers, good storytellers, and people who can entertain people who tell good stories. But today, in Marathi cinema , all of that is falling behind. But if you wake up in time, it won’t be too late,” he also advised Marathi film actors.

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