Hearing the news of Fan’s death, actor Surya came to his home, helping his family…

Hearing the news of Fan’s death, actor Surya came to her home and promised to help her family.

Surya went to the fanatic’s house and comforted the family.

Surya went to the fanatic’s house and comforted the family.

He is one of the popular actors of the southern superstar Surya. Sun has millions of fans. He is loved not only by the people of Tamil Nadu but also by the people across the country. Surya loves his fans so much. He is always willing to help them. He helps people not only to be heroes in the movies but also in real life. An example of this is the recent arrival at the house of one of his fans who died in a sun accident. Going there, he comforted the family and assured them that he would take care of all his needs.

Jagdish is the name of Surya’s deceased fan. He died in a traffic accident. Jagdish was the secretary of Surya’s fan club in Namakkal. Now that he was hearing the news of Jagdish’s unfortunate death, Surya came to his house. Once there, Surya visited Jagdish’s family. Shared in his pain. He then promised to help them financially. Some media reports also claim that Surya will pay for Jagdish’s wife’s work and his daughter’s education. Photos of Surya visiting Jagdish’s house are going viral on his fan page. In which Surya is seen offering flowers to Jagdish’s photo.

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Meanwhile, the sun finally appeared on Etharkkum Thunindhavan. He is now busy filming his new project with filmmaker Bala. The name of this movie has not been decided yet. But after two decades, the two have bonded. Bala and Suriya last acted in the Tamil film Pithamagan in 2003. Apart from this, Suriya also entered Bollywood as a producer. Surya’s production company 2D Entertainment will make a Hindi remake of his movie ‘Sorarai Potaru’, starring Akshay Kumar in the lead role. The film is based on the life of Captain GR Gopinath. He is the founder of Air Deccan. He will also feature Radhika Madan, Paresh Rawal and Mahesh Babu.

Website title: Suriya actor visits fan house after his death in a road accident and ensures financial aid to the dcp family

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