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Director Abhijit Panse, who deals with hot and sensitive topics like ‘Rege’ and ‘Thackeray’, is ready to bring a new theme to the audience once again. Named ‘Ranbazar’, this magnificent web series has been produced by Planet Marathi, a Views Media Capital company and a sneak peek of this web series has recently been aired on social media. In this web series based on the context of true events, you will find something that has never been seen before.

The Ranbazar series teaser has been shared by Tejaswini Pandit from his Instagram account. It shows Tejaswini smoking a cigarette. She is then seen taking off her clothes. The background of the teaser seems to be the oath as Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Sharing this teaser, “Once I saw people serving…, once I saw them sacrifice for love”, once I took revenge…! But now the trap is running…, like a butterfly caught in the web of power… the ‘Ranbazar’ trailer that shakes the web world arrives on May 18!” Such a title is given.

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Regarding this web series, director Abhijit Panse says: So Akshay and I feel that if we put together a strong theme, people will like it and it will go everywhere. And then the biggest ‘Ranbazar’ was created in Marathi. It has politics, it has crime, it has emotions. Here are some that I found interesting: This is a bold and controversial topic. Many things will unfold only after watching ‘Ranbazar’. According to experts, this will be the best content ever on various OTT platforms.”

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Planet Marathi OTT Director, Founder Akshay Bardapurkar says: “I have seen Abhijit Panse’s work before. Topics they have covered so far; He has no rest. When they told me about ‘Ranbazar’, I decided to be part of this project. The cast of this exciting web series is just as powerful. To date, no such web series has ever aired on OTT. There is so much energy in it. This ten-part web series will stop at a point where the audience’s curiosity will peak.

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Featuring a political crime thriller, the web series stars actress Tejaswini Pandit and Prajakta Mali in the lead roles. ‘Ranbazar’ web series produced by Ravana Future Productions, Abhijit Panse and Anita Palande presented by Planet Marathi, Akshay Bardapurkar will be available from May 20.

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