Explaining his experience of working with Ashok Saraf, Riteish Deshmukh said…

Explaining his experience of working with Ashok Saraf, Riteish Deshmukh said: “With mom.”

Today is Ashok Saraf’s 75th birthday.

Today is Ashok Saraf’s 75th birthday.

Ashok Saraf is an actor who makes the audience laugh out loud with his brilliant timing while playing a comedic role. Today, June 4, Ashok Saraf turns 75 years old. His next movie ‘Wade’ is set to be released on August 11th. Talks have been held with Ashok Saraf and Bollywood Riteish actor Deshmukh on the occasion. At that time, they have shared their experience of working with each other.

Wade is directed by Riteish Deshmukh. Speaking about his experience of working with Ashok Saraf, Riteish said: “I’ve been working at Cineworld for the last 20 years and never had the opportunity to work with Ashok Mama. When the writing of ‘Wade’ began, it seemed like Ashok Mama should have a role in this movie to make my dream of working with Ashok Mama come true. I’m directing the first movie and it has Ashok Mama in it, it’s quite a dream. The experience of working with Ashok Mama was fantastic, basically her experience is immense. So when they do a comedy scene, they make the necessary changes to it based on their experience. What’s more, when a director gives his beloved actor more than his writing skills with his acting skills… Today is Ashok Mama’s 75th birthday. I wish them all the best and wish them a long life.”

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When asked about Wade, Ashok Saraf said: “When I found out, Riteish Deshmukh is directing Wade. So without further ado, I said yes because it was important to me that he became a director. Riteish is a talented artist, so my intention was to learn something new while he was directing and to be honest I really enjoyed shooting the movie, Dhammal had a lot of fun Riteish was working on the set with a very calm head, nowhere did he show enthusiasm Riteish has worked carefully in every scene. There are very few directors who work with such calm heads and I think we have a new director in the form of Riteish. There is no doubt that ‘Wade’ is a great film. Another thing is that Riteish’s wife, Genelia, is making her Marathi debut through this film. She has also done a great job in understanding Marathi. From all these experiences, I can only say that I had the feeling that I was making a good film. wow in my life I’d say I met a good friend like Riteish around this movie.”

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