Due to the death of the singer Sidhu Musewala, the mother’s wish was not fulfilled, …

Due to the death of singer Sidhu Musewala, his mother’s wish was not fulfilled, he said.

Sidhu’s sudden departure has left his mother’s dream unfulfilled.

Punjab singer Sidhu Musewala was shot dead on Sunday. Musewala was shot dead near the town of Jawaharke in Mansa. After the incident, Musewala was rushed to a hospital in Mansa in critical condition. He died during treatment there. The incident has caused a stir in India, including Punjab. The aftermath of this incident is expressed everywhere. Sidhu’s sudden departure has left his mother’s dream unfulfilled. What no one can achieve now.

Sidhu Musewala is reported to have been shot dead by unidentified individuals in the Mansa district of Punjab. Musewala, 27, was shot dead by an AK-47 as he passed by a jeep in the village of Jawahar K. The incident has sparked outrage in Punjab.

“Don’t get me wrong…”, Sidhu Musewala’s latest post in the discussion.

As soon as her mother, Charan Kaur, found out about this incident, her health suffered. She is constantly crying and remembering the child. Due to Sidhu’s sudden death, one of her mother’s dreams has not come true. Siddhu is 28 years old. He was about to get married soon. He was also preparing for his wedding. He was going to have a love marriage. But his death has left the dream of marriage unfulfilled.

Sidhu Musewala’s mother had given an interview a few months ago. At that time, they were asked about Sidhu’s marriage. At that time, she had said, “Just a little longer and then he won’t be single. We are currently preparing for his wedding. He has chosen his own daughter. He has also had a sugar crash with him. But unfortunately, this dream It was not fulfilled, but now nobody wants to be able to do it.”

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Meanwhile, in addition to the Punjab police, the police in Haryana and other states have also been alerted after the incident. Police are looking for both vehicles. Inspection of vehicles in border areas has been intensified.

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