Did you see how this marriage started? The ‘Ha’ scene from the TV series is going viral on social media Have you seen…

Sometimes we see scenes from television series that make us smile. The strange scenes in the Indian series have already taken people by surprise. You may remember that in the ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’ series, Gopi Bahu had washed the laptop with soap. Not only that, a scene from ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ went viral, in which the mother-in-law hit her daughter-in-law so hard under the ear that she turned the curtain round and round and then the curtain got stuck. her neck and her neck was crushed. Another similar scene is going viral on social media.

A strange scene from the Bengali series ‘Ai Tobe Sohochori’ is going viral on social media. A clip from the show titled ‘How to Marry Your Crush’ recently surfaced on social media.

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This Bengali wedding clip shows a man pushing the groom as he is about to put the garland around the groom’s neck and standing in front of the bride. Because of this guy, the bride accidentally wears a red kurta around the man’s neck. When this happens, the bride and her family are shocked. The man then snatches the garland from the groom’s hand and puts it around the bride’s neck. Then, in dramatic fashion, he takes a handful of kumkum, not a pinch, and fills it with the bride’s consent.

In this TV series, the person is none other than the groom’s brother, who saves the groom from marrying the bride. According to the story of the series, the boyfriend is already married, who is a teacher, and the girlfriend is his student, who is pregnant. The bride not only hurt the whole family, but the professor even convinced everyone to marry her. The professor’s son is the same age as the bride.

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The girlfriend did this out of jealousy of the teacher’s wife. The teacher’s wife is very perfect and cultured, but neglected by her husband and father-in-law. Now, to save the teacher from this second marriage, her brother forced the marriage at the last moment, the series shows.

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