Case filed against southern actor Kamal Haasan

The name Kamal Haasan is no longer new to anyone. Not only in the art world but also in political circles, his name is considered dominant. They are equally popular in Bollywood and in southern cinema. Actor Kamal Haasan has starred in blockbuster movies like ‘Sadma’ and ‘Chachi 420’. He has created a distinct fan base with his experimental performance. Vikram by Kamal Haasan will be released soon. However, one of the songs in the film got them into trouble.

Vikram, the much talked about film by Kamal Haasan, will be released on June 3. The first song of the film was released a few days ago. The name of this song is Patthala Patthala (Pathala Patthala). The song is written by Kamal Haasan and composed by Aniruddha Ravichandran. But this song has Kamal Haasan in trouble. A case has been registered against him for chanting Patthala Patthala.

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What exactly is the case?

The lyrics of the song ‘Pathala Patthala’ from the film Vikram are controversial. This is indirectly mocking the central government. Social activist Selvam has also claimed that this is creating divisions among people.

The social worker has asked the team to change the lyrics of the song and remove it. A complaint against Haasan has been filed with the Chennai Police Commissioner’s Office. Selvam has also decided to petition the Madras High Court to have Vikram’s performance banned if no action is taken on the police complaint.

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The song is currently seen on Top Trending. The song has received over 770 likes and 1.4 million views. So will Kamal Haasan release that song from the movie? Will the lyrics of the song be changed? Many of those questions have fallen on his fans.

2022-05-14 05:11:25

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