Bollywood’s Sonu ran for Bihar’s Sonu who pleaded with the Chief Minister of Education; From …

A few days ago, a video of a boy from Bihar went viral on social media, in which he joined the chief minister of the state, Nitish Kumar, and asked him to organize his studies. He had presented his entire point to the Chief Minister very easily. People appreciated this boy’s confidence. He had told the Chief Minister that he wanted to learn, be an IAS, IPS. But he also lamented the lack of education in public schools. In such a situation, Sonu from Bihar had demanded the Chief Minister to arrange his study. However, actor Sonu Sood has already fulfilled this boy’s wish.

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Sonu, a resident of Nalanda in Bihar, is currently going viral on social media. Since the video went viral, many people have reached out to help him. Meanwhile, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who became the people’s messiah during the Corona era, took responsibility for the boy’s upbringing. Sonu Sood has given him admission in a private school in Patna.

Sonu shared this information with everyone through Twitter. Sonu Sood wrote: ‘Sonu listened to Sonu. Brother, he fills the school bag. All your education and your dormitory have been arranged. According to the tweet, Sonu was admitted to the Ideal International Public School in Bihta, Patna district.

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After the video went viral, on May 18, Japan’s former parliamentarian and president, Pappu Yadav, also came to his village to meet Sonu. He gave Sonu 50,000 rupees and told him that he would teach him until he became an IAS. Earlier, Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi also visited Sonu and asked him to register him with Navodaya Vidyalaya. He also said that assistance of Rs 2,000 per month would be provided. At the same time, actress Gauhar Khan also tweeted and expressed her wish to help Sonu.

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