Bollywood star children in Kangana target again! She said: “Everyone boiled andyansarakhe…” …

Kangana Ranaut has always been seen speaking out against dynasticism in Bollywood. She is always seen targeting children of Bollywood stars. Kangana always seems to say that Bollywood child stars have to face a lot of problems with outside actors. Now, once again, she turns to Bollywood’s child stars, comparing them to hard-boiled eggs. She said that since Bollywood actors have no connection to the audience, the southern film industry seems to be doing a better job than Bollywood.

For me, after a strong showing in Telugu and Kannada cinema films at the box office, it is placed back in Bollywood films. ‘Pushpa’, ‘RRR’ ‘kejiepha chapter 2’ Southern was showing box office movies virtually bang bang. Pushpa Hindi movie was a staggering vharjananam Rs 100 crore the proceeds anywhere on Earth. So in the last few days a disappointing Bollywood movie is being seen against the South. But compared to the success of Bollywood movies, there are more and more southern movies. And now Kangana commented ranautanam.

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According to Kangana ranauta, the audience does not like Star kidsana. Many of those who took Hindi movies are very easy. It has been made into Hindi cinema. ‘ABP live here Kangana said: “I am on the way to the way the audience is a very special bond. What happens in the other, to go abroad Star Kids Education. Speak English. Just look at Hollywood movies . Speak differently. Will you add to the audience? They are quite strange disatatahi. See everything andyansarakhe boiled. They have changed all the lukaca. So they can’t kanektaca them. I’m not a troll, but this is reality.”

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During the last days kangananam had appreciated the cinema of the South. Not only does she comment on the statements of the Mahesh Babu actor. She said: “It’s the fact that he said. I have to agree. I know he’s going to get a lot of offer. The actors have enabled the number one country generation in southern cinema. Bollywood actors so that no paravadanaraca. He has nothing that the cinema of the South that they cannot easily refuse any respect for their industry and. They have had to work hard for 10-15 years of delay. These things they should learn from them “.

Speaking of Kangana’s work, Kangana Ranaut will soon appear in the movie ‘Dhakad’. The film stars Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta in pivotal roles. The film will be released on May 20.

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