Bhojpuri Actresses Who Look Fabulous at 40 Monalisa Rinku Ghos…

Bhojpuri Actress Looking Fabulous at 40: New faces are being seen in Bhojpuri cinema these days but the audience is still attached to those famous faces who have won the hearts of the audience with their sizzling hot acts in Bhojpuri cinema. Today in this article we are going to talk about those beautiful Bhojpuri film actresses who seem to be getting more and more beautiful even in their 40s. After looking at her photos and videos, it seems that her age of growth has slowed down. Even today people like to see it on the movie screen. So let’s see without further ado the list of super hot actresses in Bhojpuri cinema who sizzled even in their old age…

Mona Lisa
Monalisa is a well known Bhojpuri film actress. Of course, today Monalisa is making a name for herself in the Bollywood and TV industry far from the Bhojpuri industry, but even today, old Monalisa songs are seen on YouTube. Even at the age of 40, Monalisa’s attractiveness does not decrease, but Monalisa’s popularity is increasing day by day. These days Monalisa is seen in Fawwara Chowk with Ali Asgar. Along with this, the actress will soon also be seen in ‘Hasratein’.

Rani Chatterjee
Yes, we know that you must have been surprised to see Rani Chatterjee’s name on this list. Rani Chatterjee is 43 years old. Looking at the fitness of Rani Chatterjee, no one can say that she has crossed the mark of 40. The actress has dominated the world of cinema for a long time as well as she is seen wowing audiences to this day with her sultry moves. her. Even at the age of 43, the number of people who love Rani Chatterjee has not diminished.

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Rinku Ghosh
Rinku Ghosh is also one of the few actresses who has crossed the 40s mark and has kept the audience interested. Yes, Rinku Ghosh, who has held her position in the Bhojpuri industry for a long time, needs no introduction today. Rinku Ghosh is still seen in the lead role. Looking at the photos of Rinku Ghosh, no one can tell that she is 41 years old.

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