Bhojpuri actresses Akshara Singh Song Kamariya go viral Pawan Singh…

Akshara Singh Superhit song Kamari: Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh, who were once filled with love, today are seen attacking each other fiercely. Recently, two different songs by Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh were released, the lyrics of which seemed to be very similar. For the past few days, Akshara Singh is promoting his song Kamariya a lot.

All other videos of Akshara Singh are on this song. In such a situation, Bhojpuri cinema is divided into two camps these days. The songs of Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh are in the spotlight. Some are promoting Pawan Singh songs and some are promoting Akshara Singh songs. Meanwhile, a video went viral on social media where Pawan Singh’s heroine was dancing to his ex-girlfriend Akshara Singh’s song, people were shocked.

The name of this actress who dances to the song of Pawan Singh’s ex-girlfriend is Mahi Shrivastav. Mahi Srivastava is one of the popular actresses in Bhojpuri cinema. Recently, the actress shared a video about Akshara Singh’s song and also showered a lot of love on Akshara Singh. Mahi Srivastava danced a lot while she flexed her slim waist in the middle of the sea. While she was sharing this video, Mahi Srivastava wrote in the caption that: Very nice song, my favorite Akshara.

Akshara Singh, who lost her heart to this beautiful video of Mahi Srivastava, also shared a special message for her in the comment box. Commenting on this video of Mahi Srivastava, Akshara Singh wrote: Thank you QT…You are welcome in this industry…God bless you and be successful. Not only Mahi but many other Bhojpuri film actresses have also promoted Akshara Singh’s song fiercely. Raksha Gupta’s name is also included in this list.

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