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Bhojpuri Actress Raai Laxmi Personal Life: From the south to the Bhojpuri cinema and from the Bhojpuri cinema to the corridors of the Internet, the name of Raai Laxmi is heard ringing. Raai Laxmi is that beautiful actress who has raised the temperature of the internet with her hotness. Rai Lakshmi’s personal life is in the foreground more than her professional life.

Rai Lakshmi once shared the painful story of her broken heart with the audience. She once said that her heart had been broken 5 times in his life. Rai Lakshmi has proven to be very unlucky in matters of love. Do you know that the name of Rai Lakshmi has also been associated with the famous cricketer MS Dhoni?

Out of these five relationships, Rai Lakshmi only had one relationship with MS Dhoni. The news of the relationship between Rai Lakshmi and MS Dhoni made many headlines but when both of them went their separate ways, Rai Lakshmi parted ways with MS Dhoni. This story is from the year 2008 to 2009, when Rai Lakshmi devoted herself completely to the king of cricket, Dhoni. MS Dhoni and Raai Laxmi also attended the Indian Premier League party together. Not only this, but Dhoni also became a special guest of Raai Laxmi’s birthday party.

But when Dhoni married Sakshi, breaking Rai Laxmi’s heart, the ground collapsed under the actress’s feet. In an interview given to Zee News in 2014, Rai Lakshmi while talking about her relationship said that it seems that this relationship is a stain on my life that will never go away.

She had said, “After the relationship with Dhoni, I have been in 2-3 more relationships, but no one noticed that. I know him very well, I don’t know whether to call it a relationship or not… because it was never like that. We both respect each other and We’ve moved on in our lives, I just have to focus on my work.

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