Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa and Puja Banerjee Set BFF Goals in…

Monalisa and Puja Banerjee set BFF goals: Monalisa and Pooja Banerjee, who rule the TV industry, belong to the Bhojpuri industry. Both actresses have left a deep impression from their performances in the Bhojpuri cinema. And these two beauties are seen flaunting their beauty in the TV industry these days. By the way, you must have heard this many times that two major actresses working in the world of cinema are still enemies with each other but famous actresses Monalisa and Puja Banerjee have proven this wrong. .

Both actresses have maintained a relationship of friendship rather than enmity between them. Whether visiting Ganpati Bappa or dancing at Pooja Banerjee’s wedding, Monalisa has always supported her friend.

Pooja Banerjee and Monalisa are often seen on the internet as BSF target sets. Monalisa had arrived as a special guest at all functions of Pooja Banerjee’s wedding. Photos of these two often go viral on social media. If you search the Instagram account of these two actresses, you will be able to see many photos of each one on their Insta account.

Monalisa and Pooja Banerjee are always seen holding hands, whether it is visiting Ganpati Bappa or having fun-filled moments. Their chemistry is really great. Not just this, Monalisa and Pooja Banerjee have been seen having fun together on many international trips. She has also shared many photos from the night out on her account.

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