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Interview with Bhojpuri star Aamrapali Dubey: Pawan Singh, the star of Bhojpuri cinema, is a star of the Bhojpuri world that many stars tremble when introduced to him. Pawan Singh’s arrogance is such that he remains silent in front of the people in front of him. But do you know that the name of Nirhua’s heroine is also included in this list?

Yes, we are talking about the famous actress Amrapali Dubey. Amrapali Dubey herself confessed in the interview given to ABP that she is afraid of Powerstar Pawan Singh, but here the point arises as to why Amrapali is afraid of Pawan Singh. So, let’s read this entire report to the end to find out why.

In the interview given to ABP Live, Amrapali Dubey played a quick round where she had to give her opinion on movie stars. In such a situation, when the reporter asked Amrapali Dubey about Pawan Singh, the actress’s first reaction was quite shocking. Talking about Pawan Singh, she Amrapali Dubey said that she is sometimes very afraid of him.

Amrapali Dubey called Nirhua a good friend, while talking about Pawan Singh, he said that he was scared at some point… When asked for the reason, Amrapali laughed and said, “Hey, come to the set sometime. I am, it goes like this.” and Pandit ji’s state is… I am afraid to hear this, they are greeting me and I am afraid… I speak with fear, yes, you are fine no… he is a very nice person but he is very moody… He never commits to his dream. Mr. Pawan Singh ji will not spare the dream of him for anyone… In this interview, listen to many more funny stories related to Amrapali.

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