Bhojpuri actor Samar Singh shares a photo with Sonu Sood Fans want…

Samar Singh, Bhojpuri actor, with Sonu sood: The famous actor Samar Singh is known in Bhojpuri cinema for his typical style. Samar Singh loves to stay connected with his audience. He is very active on social media and is seen updating his account every two hours. Recently, Samar Singh shared a photo with the famous Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood.

In this image, Samar Singh and Sonu Sood are seen sitting together on the sofa. Sonu Sood has put her hand on Samar Singh’s shoulder and the two seem like nothing short of best friends. Samar Singh has expressed his happiness by sharing this photo of his meeting with Sonu Sood on his social media account.

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It is not known what is the reason behind Sonu Sood and Samar Singh meeting but fans have been very happy after seeing this photo of Samar Singh. While sharing this image with Sonu Sood, Samar Singh wrote in the caption: “Karma warrior…Lovely encounter with big brother Sonu Sood ji…Lots of love love you bro…

This meeting of Samar Singh with Sonu Sood was very special for him. At the same time, this scene was also very interesting for the audience. Seeing the picture of these two together, fans started asking them to see these two stars together in a Bhojpuri song.

You can see many comments on Samar Singh’s photos where people tell him that you should do a Bhojpuri song with Sonu Sood Bhaiya. Commenting on the photo of Samar Singh, one user has written that – Ek Gaana Saath If it happens… then while commenting, other users write that – We are so glad to see your success Samar Bhaiya now keep hitting heights like this. ..

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