AWESOME Fan Throws Slipper At Kannada Actor Darshan For His Goddess…

A fan throws a slipper at the Kannada actor Darshan: The controversial statements by artists linked to the cinema also attract many headlines. Many times celebrities have to face the anger of the fans. In the same way, an actor from the South has to face the discontent of the audience on social networks.

Fan expressed anger by throwing a shoe
This year, many movie stars have faced the wrath of fans due to their controversial statements. The name of the Kannada Darshan actor has also been added to this. Darshan is making headlines these days for the promotion of his upcoming film ‘Kranti’. Darshan is considered one of the most controversial artists in the sandalwood industry. Recently, when the actor attended an event organized to promote the movie ‘Kranti’, a fan threw a shoe at him.

viral video
In a video that went viral, the film’s actress, Rachita Ram, was addressing a large crowd, when a sandal was suddenly thrown at actor Darshan, as soon as the sandal hit his shoulder, he said, “Galti nahi hai bhai, koi No problem. Handling the situation, he completed the program without hesitation. The police are trying to track down the defendant who threw slippers.

Fan got angry at this statement.
Although the person who threw the slipper has yet to be identified, it is said that he was a fan of the late actor Puneet Rajkumar. In fact, the fan was reportedly infuriated by actor Darshan’s statement about ‘Lady Luck’. Darshan had said in an interview to an entertainment portal that, “The goddess of fortune does not always knock on the door, when she knocks, grab her, drag her to your bedroom and undress her.” If you give her clothes, she will come out.

The film ‘Kranti’ directed by V Harikrishna will be released on 26th January. The film also stars Ravichandran and Sumalatha in pivotal roles.

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