Aryan Khan to go to the US after getting a clean permit from NCB?

Aryan Khan to go to the US after getting a clean permit from NCB?

Aryan Khan has received the go-ahead from the NCB in a drug case.

Aryan Khan is rumored to be leaving for the US shortly after receiving a clean bill from the NCB.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, has received a clean note from the NCB in a cruise ship drug case. The court’s verdict on May 27 was the best news for the Khan family. However, a case has been filed against Aryan Khan’s friend, Arbaaz Merchant. Aryan Khan is working on his next project after being released on bail. But now, after getting the clean go-ahead from NCB, Aryan Khan is said to be going to the US soon.

According to some reports, Aryan Khan has been working on a web series project for some time now. Now, after getting a clean note, Aryan will get her NCB passport back. His passport was confiscated when he was arrested in the case. But now that he has his passport back, he will be able to travel again. So his first plan is to go to the United States. But there has been no reaction from Shah Rukh Khan or Aryan yet.

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According to some media reports, Aryan Khan’s web series has received approval from some popular OTT platforms. Not only that, he is working with filmmakers and writers from the industry for this project. Aside from this, Aryan Khan had also done a test shoot for a show a few days ago. Which was attended by many talented artists. However, no further details have been released.

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Meanwhile, in this high-profile case, the NCB had filed a 6,000-page charge sheet in court after six months. One case has been registered against 14 defendants. In addition, of the 20 accused, 6 were given the go-ahead because no concrete evidence was found against them. Meanwhile, Aryan Khan, who was released on bail on October 30, was accused by the NCB of being involved in drug trafficking and consumption.

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