Another controversial statement by Sonu Nigam after ‘Ajaan’, he said: “Lamb ban on Navratri…” | singer So…

The famous singer Sonu Nigam is always in the news for one reason or another. Sonu Nigam is currently being trolled on social media. Controversial comments made during an interview have made it a hot topic. Why is Sonu Nigam banning lamb on Navratri in a clip currently going viral on social media? Such a statement has been made. His statement is likely to spark a new controversy. A lot of people are angry about his statement and he is being trolled.

Sonu Nigam gave an interview a few days ago. A video of the interview is going viral on social media. In the video, Sonu Nigam says: “It is wrong to close meat shops during Navratri. The person who sells meat is his job. His sustenance has begun in him. You can’t close his shop. When you say that I am Jai Shri Ram, I am not a devotee of him.” This part of the interview is going viral on social media. Many netizens are outraged.

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After this video of Sonu Nigam went viral, many began to protest against it. Netkari is seen reciting various statements like ‘Don’t ban lamb on Navratri’, ‘I am not a devotee to say Jai Shri Ram’. Sonu Nigam has made controversial statements many times before.

Earlier in 2017, Sonu had protested against the call to prayer with a bell at a mosque. After that, Sonu has given a clarification about holding a press conference. I have only expressed my opinion on a social issue. I am not opposed to any religion. I’m a laywoman. He had said that it wasn’t about the unconscious but about the intensity of the sound produced by the doorbell. I had said the same about temples and gurdwaras. But he also said at the time that no one was paying attention.

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