Ankita on the experience after Sushant’s death…

“Someone else would have been in Vicky’s place,” Ankita said, referring to her experience after Sushant’s death.

Ankita has made this statement in a recent interview.

Ankita has made this statement in a recent interview. (Photo Credit Sushant Singh Rajput Instagram / Ankita Lokhande Instagram)

Bollywood actress Ankita Lokhande is one of the popular actresses. Ankita got her true identity from the Pavitra Rishta series. Along with Ankita, the late Sushant Singh Rajput actor was in the lead role of this series. Not only in the series, but in real life, the duo ruled the minds of the audience. Although they broke up in 2018, Ankita was trolled on social media after Sushant Singh’s death in 2020. Ankita has given her reaction after 2 years.

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Ankita and Vicky were advertised as the smart couple on the Star Plus channel. In an interview, Ankita said, “After Sushant’s death, I was trolled a lot on social media. Ankita was the best thing for Sushant, people said at the time that she should stay with Sushant. Many criticized the wiki. She advised Ankita let him go.”

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Ankita further said, “Nobody likes to talk about their ex-boyfriend on TV. But at the time, new information about Sushant kept coming out every day and I kept talking about him. If Vicky had been replaced by another man, I never would have talked about it.” left, but supported me. Vicky told me to do what was best for Sushant.”

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The ‘Smart Jodi’ show started in March. Vicky and Ankita engaged soon after their marriage. The program also featured Arjun Bijlani-Neha Swamy, Bhagyashree-Himalaya Dasani, Neel Bhatt-Aishwarya Sharma, Natalya Ilina-Rahul Mahajan, Pallavi Shukla-Ankit Tiwari.

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