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Happy birthday Sneha Ullal: Everyone will remember actress Sneha Ullal, who made her Bollywood debut in Salman Khan’s film ‘Lucky- No Time for Love’. When this actress entered the industry, many people got to see Aishwarya Rai in her. In the film career, Sneha could not achieve much success with her acting, but just like Aishwarya, her vision definitely made her popular. In 2015, the actress appeared in ‘Bezubaan Ishq’ but after that she disappeared for about 6 years, why did she take such a long break from the movie screen, so we will tell you.

Salman Khan gave Sneha Ullal a break in the cinema

Born on December 18, 1987 in Muscat, Sneha Ullal made her debut at the age of 18 with ‘Lucky- No Time for Love’ opposite Salman Khan. This Sneha movie couldn’t show anything special, but she definitely caught everyone’s eyes with the look of her. She was also heard to have been given a break from Bollywood by Salman Khan due to her resemblance to Aishwarya Rai. Sneha Bhai was the only life search of her. Sneha worked in many Bollywood movies like ‘Aryan’, ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’ and ‘Click’. Sneha herself also tried her hand at southern movies, but she couldn’t succeed here either.

He had taken a break from movies due to a serious illness.

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After 2015, Sneha suddenly moved away from the movie screen. In an interview, Sneha revealed the reason why she took the break from her. She told that she suffered from a long illness, so she had to stay away from movies. Sneha had a disease called octoimmune disorder, which caused her to be unable to stand on her feet for four years. This is a blood related disease. Although Sneha is completely fine now. The actress returned to movie screens once again in 2022 with the movie ‘I love you Democracy’.

Sneha’s comeback once again brought a smile to the faces of her fans. The actress has turned 36 years old. Although there is no such discussion that she has signed any movies, fans of her are definitely looking forward to seeing her on the movie screen.

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