“After the Balgandharva experiment, I always take my urinary tract infection home…

The condition of Balgandharva Rangmandir and Annabhau Sathe, Natyasrishti’s hometown of Pune, is deplorable. Due to the lack of necessary facilities for plays in these theaters, it is becoming very difficult for many actors to put on plays. Recently, actress Visakha Subhedar shared a post about Balgandharva Rangmandir and Annabhau Sathe. In it she has made a statement about the inconvenience caused to the artists.

Visakha Subhedar recently shared a post on Facebook. In it, she has commented on the state of Balgandharva Natyagriha. Recently, he completed his piece ‘Kurrrrrrrrr’. He this time he has made a detailed post. This has brought the issue back to the fore.

Facebook post by Visakha Subhedar

“Balgandharva and Annabhau Sathe experimented with “Kurrrrrrrr”. News about Gandharva is constantly being heard…construction is about to be done…but why not take care of what is being used now for the drama?

Balgandharva .. where we, the artist community, are inspired to experiment. But when you go to the green room, you don’t want to die. The state of the makeup room is frightening. Hygiene has nothing to do with it.. the mirrors are stained.. the makeup box is the same as the bottom part to store it, just to say “chairs” to sit on.. a plastic sheet for the beds and the beds for to be known as her chair… she will never break… If I sit on it, it will be inconvenient for people in the next experiment, so I don’t even sit.

And then comes the moment of the bathroom there… very dirty. Dirty… smell… sometimes they only kill the end… but the rest is unhygienic… how are they not going to worry about anything…? After the Balgandharva experiment, I always take a urinary tract infection home, when the viewer comes to take a photo after the experiment, I feel very embarrassed. People don’t say anything…!

And the ease of ac… that ac must not know that he was born to give cold air… so he is sitting on a sleepy sigh. Well, if you have to complain, then the staff there says… it’s lazy… so we’re sweating on stage performing.

Breathing that was tested while taking a single sentence, it was difficult to take and there was a burst of movement बदल timming in it, change of clothes, it is a rope exercise…clothes are sticky due to sweat…clothes have to be pulled closer. Therefore, the time of the change changes, it must not occur in a certain time. There is no war. So work and if you stay, live or die. The rent, however, is well charged.” That’s what she said.

Annabhau Sathe.

Same thing there… Unhygienic bathroom, dark green room… A/C pump and speakers gone… Theater speakers stolen… So it’s ugly again for the company.

Lights are provided only in the middle of the bar. The lights are not in working order. After the experiment, we began to eat. Here we are… There are no chairs to sit on. Nothing convenient. And for all the broken, missing, rent is required.

They are very reprehensible. To preserve our tradition. For the theater to survive, to make a little money, we all sacrifice our lives. So why don’t the managers there fix what they have, why don’t they put it away?

Come on, what to break now. So careless staff. What to do with all this? I just visited Konkan Goa…so the situation there is good. Summer is tough this year. The answer is the same everywhere,” said Vishakha Subhedar.

There is an angry reaction to this post by Visakha Subhedar. Many artists have commented and shared posts about it. Actress and producer Mugdha Godbole is angry. Annoyed, she commented. Gadkari Rangaitan’s seating arrangement is also very uncomfortable. That’s why I avoid going to Rangaitan. Someone has also said that the same complaint is about my Balgandharva.

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