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Dhillukku dhuddu 2

Dhillukku dhuddu 2 movie review: santhanam, Urvashi, Motta Rajendran



story: Vella Vigi, who was drunk in the area. Ariyas are keen to surrender her aria to the heroine Maya, Shriya Sivathas. The reason is, Maya – if someone tells me to Shritha, he is so. Until the love you say, the demon will pedal. Her father is such a terrible Malayali sorcerer. When it comes to know that father, the heroine is the heroineSanthanam, 

How? I love telling the hero of the heroine’s father, who is she and Avivam and the ghosts of Avam and his uncle marching with Rajendran and win in love? How does aria come back? That is the whole story and the plot of the film “Dulhut Dhoot 2”. Visualization: The comedy scenes and horror scenes are a great feat in this film, featuring the actor in Santhanam and Nayanthara in the handmade matte films banner. 
Dhillukku dhuddu 2
Dhillukku dhuddu 2
Hero:Santhanam is a film that has appeared in a small break, but the comedy heroine has done a full comedy in the movie and he is doing comedy. As you go, “Life can not fall for a man,” he says, starting with the philosophy and saying, “The devil’s house is starting to frighten you,” you say, “let’s have a paan rather than a poor man. Every bay is in big bungalow houses “And he said,” Come and die for the new moon of the Spirit Riyataiya valappalakikkankonnu … “monsters kalayppatu end,” peyakkuta nampitalam wanted jealous man like yourself should not believe tanta … “and ending with the message reached its peak and has put up the seed of the absolute sense Bale Bale! Srivativatas, who is known as the Maya as the Maya, does not have much work. But he has done the job most effectively. 

Other stars: Urvashi, Motta Rajendran, Sivasankar Master, Marimuthu, MV Venkatesan, CMKarthik, Rama, Thanaseeragar, Bibin and Prashant Raj are all in the role. In fact, the Motta Rajendran and Urvashi are the looters. Mutta Santhanam’s uncle’s make-up,UrvashiIn the ghost house, the devil to get away from the ghost and the places where we saw the Siva kalakalapuva in Kerala “Jimmy Kamal …” Technicians: Sabeer’s composition, “We are all gilli you do not b chilly … who’s me …?”, “I’ve never been so far …” and the music and the playback for this ghost and comedy are fantastic. Strength: The comedy and the horror of both the film and the fate of all the strength to disagree. It’s like, “Veena vankatinka … by giving effect to the hazard,” you buy something tarapporiya apparla? “Asks that the timing of Santhanam panckalum great strength. Weakness:Hades Up: Santhanam, 

Motta Rajendran and director Rampala are the biggest hats up for all. Director: Rama Bala – Santhanam Coalition is a Chera Sharap movie director, Ram Bala’s writing, directed “Dul to Dutta”, directed by Ram Bala, “I do not think there is alcohol in your mind. Though there are some logic errors, including Santhanam again, all of them Santhanam’s hand came in the hospital set-upMotta RajendranAre you OP? Ram Bala and Motta Rajendran are out of the open air to watch the nurse who watched the nurse who asks the nurse to laugh at them. Similarly, Orchestral Maran singing a “red hand” gave me a lot of money. Santhanam starting from the places where the calculus says, “That’s all the doctor’s pain in a place … pressing the place and listening to it … are you asking for pain?” Continuing to mix doctors, and the second half of all the haunted places to run the monsters. Final “punch”: On the whole, “Dill Punch 2” – “For the money given by the fan!
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