Worldly: Are all ‘foreigners’ grandchildren now?

Why the meeting to announce this great discovery? Did anyone send you an invitation from there? What happened to Development Blue Pint, put in the garden or sold in the trash? Did the ED visit have such an impact? What then should be done with the phrases ‘these people come here and form their constituencies’, ‘beware of Baba’s attack’, ‘they will be beaten if they run away from jobs here’? Now as Hindus, if all foreigners come to Mumbai, it will work, if they form their own constituency, it will work, if they take our jobs, will it work? Anyway, there is a lot of work. Hanuman means Chalisa. They want to lower the horns to the mosques. Why bother with trivial issues like inflation?

Pramod Tambe, Bhandap

Let me know the name of such a supporter!

Explaining why the Ayodhya visit was canceled at a public meeting in Pune, MNS chief Raj Thackeray said he was aware of the developments in Uttar Pradesh after the Ayodhya visit. He realized that he had set a trap for himself and his activists. The main question is, who set this trap for MNS? Ayodhya is located in Uttar Pradesh. The BJP government has an absolute majority, a strong, capable chief minister like Yogi. Who can touch BJP long time friends or activists in Maharashtra? Opposition MP belongs to BJP. Modi, Yogi was able to silence Ian easily, then who exactly set the trap? The people of Maharashtra must know the name of such a capable man in the country.

M. R. Sabnis, Andheri (Mumbai)

Democracy without delusions

Read the headline (May 23) ‘Bulldozer lost ..’ After the United States, the Australian people showed the world the power of democracy. Democrats reject Scott Morrison as Donald Trump, who dominates world politics. Democracy has lost on the international stage due to its big heads, dictatorial tendencies and preference for dictatorship. Politicians in India need to learn from this. Democracy has dispelled the illusion that we are the permanent rulers of our country. From this it is clear that democracy is becoming wiser. She is not subject to any myths. Even those who are jealous of the international leadership will have to bow down.

Akshay Dilip Jagtap, Pune

This is the call of the Prime Minister

The news (Lok Satta, May 21) wrote, “Prioritize the interests of the country without falling into the trap of the opposition.” I was shocked to read that the Prime Minister had appealed to the BJP office bearers to beware of certain parties who are trying to create tension in the society for their selfishness. Racial and religious divisions are taking place in the country due to the direct and indirect support of the backward government and leaders at the Center. So the Prime Minister’s call is really surprising! It is the caffeine of uncontrolled energy. Hate speech, constant whispers are not enough for a person in the post of Prime Minister! The country has seen so many brutal majority governments before, but never seen so much hypocrisy!

Srikanth Ma. Jadhav, Satara

Improper fuel tax deduction

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has hiked the repo rate sharply due to rising inflation. Debt interest rates have risen and loans have become more expensive. Despite the government reducing taxes on diesel in this context, the chances of a drop in the prices of essential commodities are slim. Freight carriers pocket savings. This is a sign that commodity prices are rising and the impact of inflation is continuing on the people. Another consequence of this is that reducing taxes on petrol / diesel will also reduce government revenue. The government made the wrong decision.

Sudhir Keshav Bhave, Jogeshwari (Mumbai)

Not the surface, నీలజ్ ..

‘Not comfort, above ..’ Read this ‘commentary’. Above is repentance. But the central government’s reduction in taxes on petrol and diesel is nothing more than a step towards the Nile. No one knows when the cylinder price will go down. The ‘shopper mentality’ is to increase the price of fuel and then give a slight reduction. Giving Rs 200 concession to ‘Ujwala’ beneficiaries is like rubbing salt in their wounds. The government is not ready to accept the fact that many housewives are turning to conventional fuels due to the lack of affordable price of cylinders. But will the government say how many consumers will get this Rs 200 discount?

It is true that fuel prices have risen due to international developments rather than domestic ones. However, the same thing happened when there was criticism of the Manmohan Singh government. The government, however, did not abolish the subsidy on gas cylinders. Fadnavis said in the front page news that the relief given by the state government was a cruel joke. But isn’t it a terrible joke that the central government is also abolishing the subsidy given to the middle class on gas cylinders?

Abhay Vishnu Datar, Opera House (Mumbai)

Someone made a cut of 10 rupees?

I read the news about the fuel-tax cut (Lok Satta, May 23) and the state government also offered condolences. Among the BJP-ruled states, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Kerala have reduced petrol prices by Rs 2.8 paise, Rs 2.48 paise and Rs 2.41 paise, respectively. Some BJP-ruled states had earlier announced a reduction of Rs 4.89 per liter on petrol. In this context, Maharashtra Opposition Leader Devendra Fadnavis said, “Other state governments have reduced taxes on fuel to Rs. Aren’t the states mentioned by Fadnavis in India? Or like the Supreme Leader? If you do not want to congratulate the state government do not, at least do not criticize. The same expectation from cultured, educated, responsible leaders!

Benjamin Kedarkar, Virar

Enthusiasm, But there are no restrictions

News item (Central Government flag hoisted ‘reads (Lok Satta, May 22). In fact, patriotism and patriotism flare up in the minds of every Indian. While the decision to fly the national flag over every home for days is commendable, can it be a measure of patriotism? Is it possible to strictly adhere to the rules regarding the national flag?

Ram Raje, Gandhinagar (Nagpur)

The Bahujan Samaj is also expressing regret

I read the letter that ‘Brahmins feel sorry for advertisements’. When Brahmins come home to perform religious rites in the Bahujan Samaj, they do not even eat the common deity prasadam after performing all the rituals. Water and food are far away. Seeing the occasional conscious statements made about the deceased Brahmin community and saints in this community, no self-respecting Brahmin can live without remorse and without remorse. “The tolerant attitude of the Brahmin community has always been beneficial,” he said. When Rajendra Trivedi was the Speaker of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Chandragupta said that Brahmins also contributed to the victory of Maurya, Shriram and Krishna at a business conference held at Gandhi Nagar on April 28, 2018. Did not the Bahujan Samaj feel sorry for the statement that ‘Brahmins made gods into gods’?

Rajaram Chavan, Welfare

2022-05-23 23:12:06

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