The stock market closed after a sharp fall due to global signals, the Sensex closed below 53,000 points 7 lakh crore investor wealth washed away

The stock market closed on May 19, 2022: The fall of the Indian stock market did not stop its name. Due to global signals, the stock market was closed due to investor bookings in the Indian stock market. Thursday’s trading session saw huge sales from domestic and foreign investors. The Sensex was down 53,000 points and the Nifty was down 16,000.

Market condition
At the close of trading on Thursday, the Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex was down 1416 points, or 53,000 points, at 52,792 points, while the National Stock Exchange Nifty was down 431 points, or 15,809 points.

Sector condition
Today the stock market collapse has the hand of all sectors. The Bank Nifty was down 2.48 per cent, or 846 points, at 33,318. Apart from this, the auto, IT, pharma, FMCG, energy and media sectors also saw a sharp decline. Of the 50 stocks in the Nifty, only three ended in the green and 47 in the red. Of the 30 stocks in the Sensex, 3 stocks ended in the green mark and 27 stocks ended in the red mark.

Rising stocks
Despite the stock market crash, several stocks ended with gains, including ITC 3.34 per cent, Dr Reddy 0.41 per cent and Power Grid 0.11 per cent.

Falling stocks
Among stocks, Wipro gained 6.35 per cent, HCL Tech 5.92 per cent, Infosys 5.47 per cent, TCS 5.22 per cent, Tech Mahindra 5.19 per cent, Tata Steel 4.83 per cent, Bajaj Finance 1.96 per cent, Bajaj Finserv 1 per cent and Axi 47 per cent 2.5. , HDFC Bank ended 2.08 per cent, HDFC 2.18 per cent.

2022-05-19 10:01:13

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