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Panchabhootanchiye Sapadlo Sandhi.

The cart in the cell is arrogant.

– Tukoba

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. It also explains why we are moving from equality to difference. Vinoba makes this idea seasonal. Rather than expanding the scope of equality across family, community, religion, country, our full focus is on how it can become even more narrow. Basically, the recent stages of Brahma-samya have also been reduced. If they are built on a foundation of diversity, this contraction is even more dangerous.

Why should we be attracted to inequality? Vinoba explained the reason for this in the Gita speeches. Swadharma is very easily obtained. Vinoba goes into the main point after being told that the man has the same religion as his mother. Swadharma is so easily earned that it should be easily practiced by man. But it does not happen because of various temptations, or too difficult. Doing so will dissolve the poison in it.

The temptations to spread thorns in the path of Swadharma are innumerable. However, their analysis shows that the main thing that seems to be the source of all this is the narrow and shallow body. My range is limited to me and my physiological men. She builds a wall of distinction between strangers and enemies and looks at the bodies of those who think they are mine or mine.

Trapped in this dual entanglement of body-mind, we begin to create all kinds of pumpkins. Many people were on the show. One’s puddle is small, someone’s big. However, whatever happened, it was still shaky. Their depth is as large as the skin of this body. Some live with family pride, some live with patriotism. Brahmin-non-Brahmin dubkey, Hindu-Muslim dubkey, one or two, infinite dubkey. The situation is similar everywhere. You can not live without it. But what is the effect? The result is the same. Destruction of germs and self-righteous health of the Inferiority Complex. This is in stark contrast to the state described as justified. Body pleasure is the same, same happiness!

It is not difficult to tie Vinob’s speech to our daily lives. If we sit and enjoy the pleasures and sorrows of the body, it will not be good for us.

Something in the world makes us feel grand and beautiful because it is beyond body-mind. It is not connected with greatness, area, person, specific performance. Every person is naturally tied to equality, and she alone is unaware of this bond. Tukoba described this bond in wonderful words.

Your tied neck.

Nene Chi Nirala Astan Hai ..

This is the source of many of our problems. All that is needed is to get out of the clutches of body-mind.

– Atul Sulakhe

2022-05-24 18:32:00

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