Supreme Court allows OBC quota in Madhya Pradesh local body elections ZWS 70 | Conclusion:.

The ruling party and the Opposition in Maharashtra have reacted differently to the Supreme Court ruling allowing OBCs to hold local body elections in Madhya Pradesh with political reservation. Proponents of the ruling coalition are also puzzled by the Supreme Court’s decision, questioning how a different outcome for Madhya Pradesh and a different role for Maharashtra would be if OBC reservations were the same. NCP leaders believe that the Supreme Court verdict on Madhya Pradesh has brought relief to Maharashtra as well. However, the question for Congress leaders is how a different outcome came to Madhya Pradesh. In fact these are the consequences that have caused incessant confusion between the ruling and opposition parties. But those who want to make policy, those who want to make decisions, those who have all kinds of competent administrative bodies, law and justice departments in their hands, what is the real decision of the Supreme Court regarding the political reservation of OBCs? They asked me to do it, what’s the way to it? For example, on March 4, 2021, the Supreme Court ordered the establishment of a commission dedicated to reviving the political reservations of OBCs in local bodies in the state. Three months later the Coalition Government announced the State Backward Classes Commission as a special commission. Even after that not a single penny was paid to the commission until October. Funding began six months later. The commission was asked to submit an interim report after the Municipal and Zilla Parishad elections. Despite the opposition of the Commission, the Government prepared a report on their behalf, which was rejected by the Supreme Court. In his anger, the coalition government abolished the special commission status and set up a new commission. This commotion has been going on for almost a quarter of a century. In the midst of such chaos in Maharashtra, the Madhya Pradesh government has quietly continued the process of fulfilling the triple test. In the case of Madhya Pradesh, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Maharashtra government failed to pass the triple test. OBC has filed a report in the Madhya Pradesh court regarding the reservation. But the court did not immediately comment on the matter, approving the election with OBC reservations. Without further delay, the issue of OBCs’ political reservation will be resolved if the Supreme Court passes the triple test. Accordingly, the government is expected to assist the Commission in compiling OBC statistics. This is an honest and legal way to address the issue of OBCs’ political reservations.

2022-05-19 19:41:50

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