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Marathi Vijnana Parishad founders Madhukar Narayan and M.N. Gogte died in Pune at the age of 89. He served as administrator, council president and trustee of the Marathi Parishad. Born in Mumbai, Gogte holds an engineering degree from Pune and a master’s degree from London. After 40 years of successful business in Mumbai, he moved to Pune in 1997. There he took part in the work of the Marathi Vigyan Parishad-Pune section and established relations with the Institute of Engineers and the Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad.

Gogte was a member of the Mumbai Marathi Literary Society from 1962 to 1966. As a member of the Scientific Committee of the Sangh, he organized lectures, scientific conferences and many other events on science subjects. The changing science programs on the team were more than just the literature that others were interested in and they had to lose their place in the team executive. Thereafter, he formed the Marathi Science Council on April 24, 1966, along with ideological assemblies. The first major event of the Council in December 1966 was the Marathi Science Conference in Mumbai. The initiative is still ongoing and the 2022 57th Convention (now the Convention instead of the Convention) will be held in Goa.

In the first two years, Gogte started recruiting people in Mumbai by registering a thousand members. He also expanded the scope of science by opening gram sabha branches from the second year. Later, due to some technical difficulties, an autonomous but affiliated department was formed instead of a branch. There are currently 70 divisions affiliated to the Council. Over time, the Council has been represented in all branches of science in compiling the Maharashtra Dictionary. The next step was for the state-wide science program to be handed over to the council by the government in good faith; Such a trust council created the governing court. It is the long-term vision of the founders that a network of departments will work for this.

Aiming to encourage people to write about science in Marathi, the Council launched the Science Essay Competition (since 1967) and the Science Ranjan Story Competition (since 1970), which continue to this day. The authors are ready to write on science topics in Marathi, as well as other activities that have competed to improve the Science Fiction Gallery in Marathi. Apart from this, Gogte first started the conference newsletter and within a year (April 1968) started the science magazine ‘Magazine’. It continues to change and grow to this day. It is still beneficial to register with the concerned government department from the beginning to get government grants and some concessions. Here, too, Gogte’s foresight comes to the fore.

Prominent members of the government and social sectors were invited to various functions to introduce the work of the council so that the council could be better recognized in the community. He sent monthly letters to the dignitaries on the council and established contacts with them. As a result, many celebrities joined the council, had faith in the council and some became well-wishers for the council. The action board’s own structure that connects all of these tasks! The council, which started from a single table, is proud to have been operating from its own building for 18-19 years. He applied to the government for this and got a plot of one thousand square meters on lease first, followed by continuous follow-up. The Vijnana Bhavan was built on it in stages.

M. Gogte participated in the conference in three parts, namely body-mind-wealth. The surrounding conference went smoothly. The council has created its own identity in the community, so the community is still helping the council. It is undeniable that Gogte, a civil engineer, built the company according to the principles that laid the foundation for the building in the business! His vision is very broad and holding the same thread becomes a true tribute to him.

M. Sankhya Gogte, founder of Marathi Vijnana Parishad, died on May 7, 2022. A brief overview of their work.

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